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Make Puzzle Books

  • Module 1: Deciding on the Best Types of Puzzles to Create, Focusing on Niches, Themes, and Trends, Best Size, Page Counts, and More for Your Book, and Public Domain Resources for Puzzle Creation.
  • Module 2: Building Word Search and Crossword Puzzles, Word-Based Puzzles, Sudoku, Cryptograms, Rebus, and Anagrams.
  • Module 3: Maze Puzzles, Futoshiki, Kakuro, Shikaku, Gokigen, Roundabouts, Find-a-Quote, and more Sudoku Resources.
  • Module 4: Designing Your Puzzle Book Layout in Powerpoint, Creating Your Book Cover, Getting Your Files Ready for Print, Printing and Publishing Options, and Selling and Marketing Your Puzzle Book.

Maze Creation Tricks

  • Module 1: Adding Complexity to Your Maze Creation Using Reverse Masking and Thinking About a Bigger Maze Picture.
  • Module 2: Developing Multi-Page Mazes and Designing Multi-Dimensional Mazes.