How do you accept payments from clients?

As for my payment process, I do one of two things. I get a check from the person (pretty much how all my local transactions take place) or I create a payment link in Paypal and email the payment link. If it’s a recurring payment, I’m just using Paypal’s recurring payments. I used to have a merchant account with my running business but I cancelled that over a year ago as I wasn’t utilizing it enough and there are plenty of lower cost options out there. I haven’t actually used it yet, but I also have a Square account that lets me charge credit cards by swiping them onto a device I connect to my phone. I haven’t compared lately, but the discount rate was similar to Paypal’s so I haven’t bothered looking for the device and it’s buried in my office somewhere.  Eventually, I plan on integrating something like Stripe to my website, but there’s no real need to do that right now so I’m basically going with the check first, Paypal second as my options I offer people.