What are some benefits I can share with a prospect about why they need a UBC?

The full question about why to write an Ultimate Business Card book that was asked was:

I’m trying to convince a potential client why he should write a book. He doesn’t like to write or something, but he’s been blogging a tiny amount lately and just told me “Gwen you have always told me to write more and every time I do, I get a new lead.”

What are some benefits that I can share with him about why he should have a UBC? I’ve already told him he can use it as a lead generation tool, but I’m not a sales/markety type person, so I’m not sure how to push him over the edge for wanting one.

It looks like he’s already got all the benefits he should need! Every time he writes he gets a new lead! Remind him of that every chance you get.

If you want a good example, watch the replay from Wednesday’s webinar (#3) and pay special attention to my Paleo in Maine case study (I think it’s the 4th one if memory serves)…that’s one of my clients who has had his book available for just over a month and has gotten 3 full-time clients directly from sales of his book!  They weren’t even from him using the book as lead generation; those people picked up copies of his book and bought it from local stores that are carrying it for him.

Having his own book brands him as an expert, gives him instant credibility even with people who don’t know anything about him, and is a great tool for introducing yourself to people you’d like to do business with. He could FedEx his book to a half dozen people he’d like to work with along with a sticky note about how he thought that they’d enjoy his new book, and he’ll probably get a call back from at least a few if not all of them.  John talked about that strategy in one of the previous training webinars; I think it was the first one but it might have been the second one.