How to Use the Book Review Rocket

The best way to show social proof on your book listing is by gathering as many reviews as possible. They don’t even have to be 4- or 5-star reviews.

The Book Review Rocket will help jumpstart your ability to find reviewers that read the type of book that you write, by analyzing the reviews left on similar books and looking for people who want to be contacted by publishers and offered books that they can review.

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By using the Book Review Rocket, you no longer have to click through each and every reviewer to find the 5%-10% that leave their contact information on Amazon. You can let the Review Rocket do your searching for you, and then go through and pick out the reviewers that you want to contact from the results that it finds for you.

Video Tutorials:

How to Install the Book Review Rocket




The Book Review Rocket
Email Template for Contacting Reviewers