Do you have any experience lending with Overdrive? Should library books be free?

I haven’t personally used Overdrive yet; it’s on my list of things to do that just haven’t gotten done yet. I’ve looked into the process for putting books up; you can make them available in many different formats, be that PDF, mobi (kindle) or epub. Personally, I don’t think there’s a problem selling to libraries….

Can I use KDP Print to print books that contain Chinese (or other non-Latin) characters?

First, I’ll preface this with the knowledge that I don’t have any experience with alphabets other than the Latin one; in fact, I’ve only worked on a few books that weren’t in English (Spanish translations of English books.) For uploading to KDP Print, I’d always provide print-ready PDF files; if you can avoid the printer…

Is there a difference between .doc and .docx, and which should I upload to KDP Print?

There is a difference between .doc and .docx files, but it is mostly a behind-the-scenes technical one that really isn’t too important for the end user. For compatibility with collaborators (other writers, editors, etc.) you should try to save your files in the more modern .docx format when given a choice. For uploading to KDP…

Are there different demographics between Kindle & KDP Print purchasers?

This is another question where the real answer is going to be niche-specific. Just because people in one niche prefer buying kindle books doesn’t mean that even the same person wouldn’t prefer a physical book in another niche. That said, some broad generalities that I’ve noticed in the niches I’ve been in and that I suspect hold relatively true for most: It’s easier…

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